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Clowns and Criminals

I was sipping coffee at my computer and thinking about the leadership and ethical crisis which seems to have gripped virtually the entire globe (This is, sadly, something that I do regularly) when this tweet came into view:

This view from Australia, where prime minister Scott Morrison has managed to fail, offend, and then exploit a nation suffering an immense crisis, is but the latest in a growing list of examples. He has taken a political softball (let's face it - politicians love an opportunity like this) and aggressively chosen the worst course of action at every turn. The word criminal comes to mind. He hasn't just failed. He has aggressively failed. He has set a new bar for failure. At this point he could drop kick a bushfire evacuee's baby on live television and you would just have to shrug it off as his style.

And this seems to be happening everywhere you look. It's clowns and criminals in every direction - as far as the eye can see. Not of the usual sort, the kind that humanity will never escape, either. We're seeing brazen criminality, authoritarianism, and stupidity play out across the west.

Sadly, I don't think this collective failure is coincidental or a phase that we'll pass through with relief if one or two elections goes well. The clowns and criminals are symptoms of a much deeper rot. We can replace a tooth, or slap veneer on it, but the entire jaw is infected.     

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