Travel Documents & Standard Notes

The end-to-end encryption offered by Standard Notes opens up use cases that couldn't be served by other similar applications without exposing yourself to significant risk. One of those is using it to store details (account numbers, expiration dates, etc) and photos of very sensitive documents. Of course, you can do that with just any app - but you shouldn't.

Password managers have evolved to serve some of these needs but I really like being able to move that kind of information into my notes library where I can consolidate and organize everything in one place.

That one place is, of course, Standard Notes. I travel quite a bit and security is always a concern. I take quite a few precautions. Still, disaster or negligence can strike at any time and the last thing I want is to be stranded in some corner of the world without this information. Life will still be a mess if my documents are lost or stolen but being able to produce all of the details and photos of the originals can only be helpful. I also have to arrange travel on short notice so having my passport, Global Entry account, and other information at my fingertips saves a lot of time and hassle.

As always, consider the worst case scenario and plan for it.

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