Starting 2020 Right

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been doing a very deep dive on where my money is going. Thankfully, I don't have to do this because money is tight. It isn't. However, I would like to hold on to more of it.

I've had a nagging feeling that I was a bit oversubscribed to digital services and boy was I right. I dug through my Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and other places where second level subscriptions can pile up. I logged every recurring cost that I could find in a Standard Notes secure spreadsheet. Everything was revealed. It wasn't pretty. I decided to get aggressive.

12 accounts, good for a savings of about $1000 in 2020, are now gone. There weren't any difficult cuts here. I didn't scale back anything that was in use. These were mostly services or apps that I'd just stopped using and forgot about. What can I say? It was a busy year.  

I don't want this to get away from me so I have my financial spreadsheet pinned. All I have to do now is remain relatively diligent and add new accounts when I subscribe to something. Of course, it's wise to periodically rethink services you use as well. Are they really needed? Are they worth the cost? Are there better/cheaper alternatives? You get the idea.  

I was somewhat more proactive on another front - my car. My SUV's warranty just expired and that always ratchets up the baseline anxiety a little. I haven't had any problems with it but we all know car problems are inevitable. Why wait until I'm stranded somewhere to do some research? So I dug through reviews of towing services and independent mechanics in my area (where a problem is most likely to occur) and stored the addresses, phone numbers, and business hours of the best candidates in Standard Notes. It's a little thing that could make a stressful situation a little less terrible.   

When it comes to organization it's all about tackling the things that cause you stress first. Once that's done start thinking hard about the kinds of scenarios that could create problems for you and how you could prevent or minimize the anxiety. A little bit of thought and action can go a very long way. 

I did have some productive fun in the middle of all of this. I managed to build out a pretty comprehensive outline for a short story. I should be able to turn my full attention to it later this morning. Finishing it on the first day of the new year would certainly start things off on an optimistic note.

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