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In Defense of Cyberpunk (1993)

Here's a brutal thrashing of Billy Idol's largely forgotten concept album.

But, spoiler alert, the reviewer saves his admiration for the closing minute of the video. This album was decades ahead of it's time and he rightfully acknowledges that. And the world has definitely caught up to the ideas presented here. These concepts are incredibly relevant. So yeah, it can induce a few cringes but snide hipsterism is easy and pushing the artistic and intellectual envelope is hard. Some credit is due.

In 1993 very few people understood the impact of technology and where the world was heading.

Twenty-something year old hacker me actually bought this CD when it was released. I remember how amazing and unlikely it was to find any aspect of this subculture and it's ethos finding representation in popular culture. I didn't love all of it but I was happy that it existed. That's pretty much how I feel now. Respect.

You can listen to the full album here.

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