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Opportunity? Perhaps

I've been hard at work during the holiday downtime. Comfortably hard at work I should say. Lots of hours and effort but at my pace and on my projects. It's the best.

My life was already pretty well organized but moving that system to Standard Notes during this period has brought me great joy. I'm not exaggerating. Everything works and feels better when accumulating loose ends are wrapped up. It's a lubricant that frees up the mind for more creative pursuits.

My creative goal for 2020 is to launch a collection of short stories that I have been incubating for some time. I'm not going to say much about how I plan to do this or how the project will unfold until it is nearly complete. I don't want to fall into the trap of talking rather than doing. I have some key milestones that I have to meet to make this viable and interesting. Anything else is delusional, diversionary noise.

Thankfully, real work is happening. 30 story ideas have been documented. Some outlines are quite far along. A website has been designed and awaits content. Early discussions with writer, editors, and publishers I know have been encouraging. Nearly every detail needed to support the project has been nailed down. Just the writing remains.

Just the writing. Ha!

Of course, the possibility of failure looms large. I'm fine with that. I have defined success simply as accomplishing the task. Anything else is gravy. External acceptance and everything that could come with that would be outstanding but I have a deep appreciation for the unlikeliness of it all. I can only do the work. I can't align the stars.

One encouraging development is the relative lack of similar content that I have been able to find in my research. Some of the best creative work arises because people can't find what they want. They must create it themselves or it simply won't exist. An opportunity? Perhaps. The lack of content might reflect a lack of demand. Like I said, failure looms large. You simply won't know until you try.

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