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Primitive Skills

Set aside 20 minutes and watch this incredibly skilled craftsman do his thing. Trust me. You'll be glad that you:

There is something deeply satisfying about these restoration videos that been increasing in popularity lately. I think it's tied to a growing desire for something "real" and somewhat primitive in an increasingly virtual/digital world. You can see it in the wilderness survival or primitive construction genres too like this beautifully shot hour long (and wordless) look at building a Viking house:

The videos rack up millions upon millions of views. That's also millions of man-hours that could have been spent in the woods or working with tools. Of course, it isn't that easy. We're busy and there are barriers for some. I don't think we're all going to ditch tech and become expert bushmen or even that we should. However, I'd like to think that these are evidence of a growing realization that there is real value in a simpler, more direct, approach to life even if most of us don't quite know how to achieve it. Just knowing that it exists, and valuing it, is an excellent place to start.

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