Staying on Top of Things with Secure Spreadsheets

Despite being a bit of a minimalist and not being all that indulgent I have tons of reoccurring subscriptions and app fees. We all do. I can keep a pretty decent handle on what's happening financially with services like Mint and I can track most of my memberships and subscriptions through my password manager but that's not quite enough. I have always found that listing reoccurring payments out in a spreadsheet is super helpful. It allows me to quickly scan the entire set, see the full financial impact, and keep track of important details like how each service is paid for. If you've never tried this it could have a massive impact on your financial awareness. Here's what I track:

  • Account name
  • Cost
  • Billing Rate (Monthly/Annually/Etc)
  • Method of Payment (Name of account or credit card)
  • Status (Open/Closed)

You could track other details but I find that this is enough. It can take a bit of work if it's your first go at this. You might have to dig into statements from multiple banks and credit cards to get a full picture (and to identify those services you're still paying for but have forgotten) but it's worth it. You'll likely end up saving some money in the process. And once you've done the full it's a simple matter to add new subscriptions to your spreadsheet as they're acquired.

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